What are the different types of machines?

There are two main CPAP machine types used to treat obstructive sleep apnea. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. Depending on the user, the pressure required to maintain the airway in an open position can be Fixed, or change Automatically to the required pressure throughout the night. Therefore, we classify machines as either Fixed Pressure (CPAP) or Automatic (APAP), however both are commonly referred to as CPAP Machines.

Fixed Pressure CPAP Machines

A Fixed Pressure CPAP Machine stays at a Set Pressure for the whole night. It will start off at Minimum Pressure, and ramp up to your ideal Set Pressure once you have fallen asleep.

Automatic Pressure CPAP Machines

An APAP Machine will automatically increase or decrease the pressure that it delivers through the night depending on your level of sleep apnea. This device records your sleep apneas through the night, and automatically increases the pressure if it finds your events are starting to increase. Auto CPAP machines – sometimes referred to as Auto PAP machines – usually can detect when you are experiencing Central Sleep Apnea, so that it does not increase the pressure too high.

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