NDIS Funding For CPAP Devices And Accessories

CPAP Specialists is a trusted partner for many NDIS companies within Australia.

Please find the steps below on the application process for an NDIS invoice. Theese invoices can be provided to NDIS companies for approval and payment.

 Step 1. Send an email to: sales@cpapspecialists.com.au with the following copied and pasted:

Patient name:
Patient billing address:
Patient contact number for courier:
Email address for invoice to be sent:
List of products required on invoice (sizes included):

*All prescriptions/settings requirements can also be sent through and the device can be set up for the patient before we send out the order*


Step 2. CPAP Specialists will send the invoice through within 1-2 business days with bank details supplied for payment.

Step 3. The order is paid for by NDIS and remittance and reference payment with patient name is sent through to CPAP Specialists.

Step 4. Once payment is received the order is then shipped directly to the patient.

For any other inquiries or requests please feel free to email us: sales@cpapspecialists.com.au

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