Night Shift Sleep Positioner

How does the Night Shift Sleep Positioner work?

The Night Shift uses vibrations to encourage sleepers to roll off their backs and turn onto their sides.Night Shift is also an intelligent, interactive monitor that measures sleep quality and the frequency of unhealthy loud snoring.

Night Shift is designed to treat Positional Sleep Apnea, Positional sleep apnea is when there is a significant decline in the presentation of sleep apnea when changing from sleeping on your back to sleeping on you side.

The internet-based Report Portal enables users to monitor the effectiveness of the therapy and its improvements in sleep quality.

Who should use a Night Shift Sleep Positioner?

Night Shift device can be used on their own or in conjunction with another treatment to increase the overall benefit to the user. The device is suitable for people who have an Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI) of less then 20. This  will have been determined during an overnight sleep study test. This can also be an effective treatment for those who snore only when sleeping on their backs.

Night shift can also be used in conjuction with:

  • CPAP therapy - to help keep the pressure required to treat their sleep apnea lower. This is due to the fact that for most people, sleep apnea is worse on their back than if they were side sleeping.
  • Dental Splints - for users who still snore when sleeping on their backs but not on their side.
  • Provent or Theravent Therapy - this is to increase the effectiveness of the treatment overall

How can I tell it is working for me?

There are 2 ways to tell if the Night Shift device is working for you. The first way to tell is just to compare the state of your sleep, snoring and energy levels before and after using the device.Indicators of a Night Shift device working are:

  • More restful and continuous sleep.
  • Waking more refreshed.
  • More consistent energy throughout the day.
  • Bed partner reporting that you have been snoring less
  • Bed partner reporting that they have witnessed less sleep apneas

From a clinic perspective we can also determine the effectiveness of the device but using the reporting capabilities of the device and the associated online portal. The device establishes a baseline on the first night of use then the following 2 nights will administer the treatment. The Nights Shift is able to store 12 months of user history.

Who shouldn't use it?

Night Shift users should NOT:

  • have Cardiac Arrhythmia corrected with an artificial pacemaker;
  • have skin sensitivity or an open wound around their neck;
  • have a neck size that is very small (less than 12 inches/30
    cm) or a very large (greater than 22 inches/55 cm);
  • sleep with their head in a near-upright position;
  • suffer from tics or tremors of the head.


Night Shift includes a two-year warranty covering workmanship problems related to the electronics. The battery and haptic motors carry a one-year warranty and can be replaced after one year for a $75.00 fee per component.



DOWNLOAD pdf report interpretation guide

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