Inverter with Dual USB Charging 150W fits Cup-Holder

This 150W inverter allows mains power in your vehicle. With its optimised cup holder design, you can simply place the inverter in any spare cup holder that you might have, allowing you to access 150 of mains power and dual 2.1A (total 4.2A) USB charging ports.

With a peak power of 450W you will get the additional power when you need it. This unit is a perfect add on for anyone that needs to use their CPAP machine whilst out on the water or when stopped for the night in your caravan.


  • Convenient mounting into cup holder
  • 150W continuous mains power
  • 2 x 2.1A USB charging outlets
  • 450W peak power
  • Output Power: 150W
  • Output Power Peak: 450W
  • AC Output Voltage: 240V
  • Output Wave Form: Modified Sine Wave
  • DC Input Voltage: 10-15V
  • lOW Battery Shutdown: 9.5±0.5V
  • High Battery Shutdown: >15V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • No Load Draw: <0.5A
  • USB Output: 2 X 5VDC @ 2.1A (each port), Total: 4.2A

Product Dimensions

Width 75mm
Height 140mm
Depth 75mm
Weight 339g

Warranty: 12 Months

Download pdf manual

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