BMC P2 Nasal Pillows

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BMC P2 Nasal Pillows Details

The P2 by BMC is a new lightweight Nasal Pillow Interface. The ultra lightweight and minimal design means the mask is easy to assemble, wear and clean. The innovative designed means the mask has more movement and flexibility, meaning there are minimal mask leaks. Most importantly it is light and comfortable to wear.

This mask is particularly suitable for people that have significant mustache or beard hair, which would normally impede a proper seal when using a nasal or full face mask.

The P2 Pillow Mask also takes the hassle out of wearing a CPAP mask whilst also wearing glasses. If you enjoy relaxing with a book or watching TV while laying in bed the P2 mask should be on your list of considerations. The soft silicone nasal pillows allow for a comfortable yet reliable seal through the night.

All BMC Masks and accessories come with a 90 Day Warranty.

BMC P2 Nasal Pillows Features & Benefits

  • Minimal Design, Light and comfortable
  • Ball and Socket Joint – allows more movement and flexibility
  • Diffuse multi vent holes – quiet and peaceful
  • 3 Nasal Pillow Sizes Included (S/M/L)
  • Single strap adjustment

Whats included with the BMC P2 Nasal Pillows

  • Headgear and Mask Frame assembly
  • Small, Medium and Large pillows included (Medium fitted)
  • Comfort cover

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