BMC F5A Full Face Mask


BMC F5A Full Face Mask Details

The BMC F5 Mask takes the hassle out of using your CPAP machine whilst watching TV or Reading, especially if you wear glasses. This revised design removes the need for forehead support to make your CPAP usage experience more comfortable.

The F5A Full Face CPAP Mask uses a specifically designed single layer soft cushion that molds itself to your face, eliminating leaks and bruises. The minimal contact design also reduces the appearance of CPAP strap marks and pressure points.

Available in 3 sizes and Starter Kits: Small, Medium and Large.

BMC F5A Full Face Mask Features

  • Forehead Frame-Free Design reducing facial contact and eliminates the need for a forehead support
  • Quick-Click Frame Attachment for effortless reassembling after cleaning.
  • Auto-Fit Cushion that is can adapt and minimises pressure on the nose bridge, maintain minimal leaks.
  • 360° Ball and Socket Elbow Rotation ensuring freedom of movement
  • Ideal for side-sleepers, restless sleepers and mouth breathers
  • Single Layered Soft Cushion
  • Easy Release Clips for quick attachment and removal
  • 3-Part Assembly
  • 4 convenient Velcro adjustment points

Whats Included with the BMC F5A Mask?

The BMC F5A Full Face Mask comes with cushion and headgear
Mask instruction manual