ResMed AirFit P10 AirMini Mask Pack

AirFit P10 for AirMini combined with AirMini represents ResMed’s smallest sleep therapy system. The mask’s compact, under-the-nose frame and split-strap headgear are designed to help patients fit themselves.

With just 4 parts and intuitive click-in cushion design, it’s built to be easy to fit, clean, assemble and help make your mask experience close to effortless.

This mask is only available in a starter kit which comes with Small, Medium and Large Pillows included. Once you know what size cushion you require. You can buy extra or replacement cushions just in the size that you need.

The P10 for AirMini mask system comes with the modified attachment needed to house the HumidX and HumidX Plus capsules for heat exchange and humidification.

This kit is ideal for those that want to keep their treatment device and mask package to the most minimal footprint.

Features at a glance

  • Compact, under-the-nose frame for a clear field of vision
  • Simple design for easy fitting, cleaning and assembly
  • HumidX™ waterless humidification designed to provide comfort and convenience
  • ActiveAir™ venting for compact, portable therapy
  • Designed exclusively for AirMini

* In a typical overnight and dry environment, with temperature of 16-22°C and Relative Humidity (RH) of 20-30%, the HumidX provides humid air of 70-80% RH – similar to a CPAP heated humidifier on a mid-range setting with unheated tubing.
**Humidification Not available with AirFit F20, AirTouch F20 and AirFit F30 full face masks.
***.Based on volume comparisons done by ResMed internal testing prior to the time this was published.

Whats included:

The P10 for AirMini Includes:

  • 1 x Mask frame for AirMini
  • 1 x Small Cushion
  • 1 x Medium Cushion
  • 1 x Large Cushion
  • 1 x Headgear
  • 1 x HumidX
  • 1 x HumidX Plus
  • 1 x AirMini Tubing

We currently offer a standard manufacturer’s warranty of  90 days for ResMed masks and accessories.

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